Fruity Cobbler Recipe

A fruit cobbler is a dessert that is wonderful for any time of the year. You can make a cobbler with any kind of fruit that is in season or something that you find in a can. Various toppings can be added to a cobbler, making it something that is warm and delicious whether its a cold day or summer afternoon.

There are only a few steps that you need to follow to make a wonderful fruit cobbler. First, preheat your oven to 400 degrees. It is best to gather your ingredients in bowls and keep them to the side so that you can easily reach them as they are needed. You also want to choose the kind of fruit you want in the cobbler before you begin so that it is sliced or diced into small pieces. Spray a baking dish so that the bottom of the cobbler doesnt stick. An oval dish works best, but a long dish that is deep works well, too.

Add the fruit with juice of the same flavor to a bowl. If you use apples, then combine the slices with apple juice. This will give a wonderful flavor to the casserole. You will also add cornstarch to the fruit. Your bowl should be one that can be placed in the microwave because you will need to slightly heat the fruit for about two minutes. Stir the mixture a few times while it is heating. Keep the dish warm until you have the rest of the ingredients prepared. Place small dots of butter on top of the fruit so that it will be absorbed.

Next, you will combine all of the dry ingredients. These include flour, baking powder, sugar and salt. Add your butter to the dry ingredients in order to give a crumbly consistency to the cobbler mixture. Milk is added so that it begins to form a smooth texture, somewhat of a dough that you would roll out for a pie crust. You will put about eight tablespoons of the cobbler mixture over the fruit. You can put four in the bottom of your baking dish, add the fruit on top, and put four more spoons on top of the fruit. When you have decided how you want to piece together your cobbler, you can place it in the oven to bake. Leave it for about 30 minutes. The top of the cobbler should be a golden brown. You can add cinnamon and brown sugar to the top before you bake the cobbler for added texture.

When you take the cobbler out of the oven, let it cool for about 30 minutes. If you dont want to wait that long, you can add whipped cream or ice cream on top so that it will cool off while the topping melts. Popular cobbler recipes include cherries, peaches, strawberries and blackberries. Fresh fruits are best to use because you dont have the artificial flavors. The best canned product to use is peaches because the juice will work well with the batter.