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Steamed Salmon alone happens to be a really great tasting dish and could be prepared in a few various ways. Many individuals prepare Salmon adding little to no seasoning due to the fact that it really doesnt take much to conjure up a really bold flavor. Most people like to add a little lemon and pepper seasoning, along with fresh green onions or perhaps a little celery. But either way you prepare it, the taste will be delightful.

Steamed Salmon with Rainbow Vegetables

Since salmon is practically a low caloric and high protein food, a lot of people like to keep the cooking preparation simple as not to overdue the flavor or add additional unwanted calories.

1.You will need preferably a wide cooking pan or at least one large enough to accommodate the size of your Salmon.
2. Next you will need either cooking spray or olive oil. Preferably just enough olive oil to coat the bottom of your pan.
3. You will need some veggies such as chopped green onion, fresh parsley and perhaps chopped celery.
4. You will need a fresh bag of frozen mixed veggies or canned mixed veggies. It would be better to have fresh veggies, as it would add a better flavor to your Salmon


Lightly coat your pan with your olive oil or cooking spray, preheat with your burner set on 325. Wash and lightly season your Salmon with whatever flavor you are in the mood for. Lemon and pepper seasoning is superb for any kind of fish, but you can also try a little seasoning salt or natures own seasoning if you need to cut back on the sodium. Once your oil warm up a little bit, add your green onions or fresh parsley into the pan, being careful not to let them over cook, you only want to cook them just a little bit. Then proceed to add your Salmon in with the cooked green onion and parsley. Let your Salmon brown just a little on both sides. You dont wont to fully fry the Salmon, you only need it to be browned at this point.

When your Salmon is browned on both sides proceed to add your fresh frozen veggies. Carefully align your veggies around your Salmon as to allow your Salmon the room to cook and marinate from the juices draining from the veggies. At this point you want to reduce your heat to approximately 300 degrees and cover and let simmer for only a few minutes, about 4 to 5 minutes. Slightly alternating turning your Salmon to prevent it from cooking too long on either side.

If it seems like the juices are getting a little low, its okay to add a little bit of water, not much, just enough so that your food would not stick to the pan. There isnt anything much left to do except to keep your Salmon turned and your veggies juicy. When your Salmon is done, its time to relish in your delight.